New Journalism

To blog or not to blog — that was the question.

I have enjoyed reading blogs written by others, but have struggled with trying to consistently blog myself.  I periodically thought of things to write about, but did not feel like my inspirations were really worth sharing.

Then, the thought finally occurred to me that blogging is a lot like the old fashioned newspaper columns.  Ah — this is something I can relate to.  In my under-grad studies, I minored in journalism and worked on newspaper staffs.  Heck, I taught journalism to high school students and sponsored the school newspaper in my first teaching job out of college.  At that time, it was not unusual to aspire to be a great columnist, and they were local heroes during the reign of the daily newspaper.

Thus, in this new year, I commence my “column”, changing the name to a “blog,” which will be my weekly (certainly not daily) commentary on pertinent issues.  What kinds of issues?  Like a good journalist, I know that issues create themselves.  Almost daily, various issues and events spark our thinking, motivate our imagination, whet our appetite for discussion and often force us to write something, even if it is only to question what others have already said about such life as we know it on this shrinking planet.

Many years after my brief journalism career, I am actively reading and writing in the broad field of theology.  I am a seminary (graduate level) teacher, focusing on the New Testament.  In particular, I teach biblical hermeneutics, which is, again broadly, methods of interpreting and understanding the biblical texts.  My theological interests range from intertestamental literature, to first-century Roman Empire literary influence, to current discussions on the Gospel of John.  My passion is teaching how to interpret the Bible and challenging people to think critically about what God’s word  really says, and not what they think it says.

It is a bit unusual to have a woman create these kinds of discussions, as for decades, theology has been a “man’s world.”  I know, I have lived it.  This is, perhaps, an issue to discuss in the “columns” to come.

Anyway, welcome to my world.